Horsetail botanical extract

Naturdai EQUIBASIC® has eliciting action of various plant defense mechanisms. It has a fungicidal action against diseases caused by various phytopathogenic fungi, especially mildew and powdery mildew. In addition, due to its high silicic acid content, it has drying properties on the mycelia of different types of fungi, which is combined with the fungicidal capacity of the equisetonins in its composition.

The use of Naturdai EQUIBASIC® in combined strategies allows reducing the frequency and dose of application of chemical products, without affecting their effectiveness. Naturdai EQUIBASIC® does not leave chemical residues on crops.


Copper complexed (Cu) solution 6%

Idai COBRE is a copper dased product complex with heptagluconic acid. Copper is fully complexed (100%). This complex is easily absorbed by the plant and moves upwards and downward with a strong systemic action. Idai COBRE is non-phytotoxic to crops and does not inhibit their growth. It is immediately absorbable and fully assimilated in 6 hours.

Botanical extracts - Natural defense activator

Naturdai MIMETIC is a 100% natural product from plant extracts. The composition of Naturdai MIMETIC activates the plant defense mechanisms so that they can cope with stress conditions created by external factors. The development of plant defense mechanisms is based on the formation of calluses and hydrogen peroxide. The composition of Naturdai MIMETIC is proven to increase the levels of peroxide in the leaves and the deposition of calluses in the roots - even without the presence of pathogens - which helps to slow down the infestations. It works with contact and systematically, promoting thickening of the cell walls of plants.