Copper complexed (Cu) solution 6%

Guaranteed composition
  • Copper (Cu) water soluble……………………….6,00% w / w
  • Copper (Cu) complexed…………………………..6,00% w / w
    Complexing agent: heptagluconic acid
    Incorporating: HPC Nanotechnology®
pH: 5
Idai COBRE is a copper dased product complex with heptagluconic acid. Copper is fully complexed (100%). This complex is easily absorbed by the plant and moves upwards and downward with a strong systemic action. Copper as a trace element acts on many enzyme systems, especially in the production of phytoalexins and in the synthesis of lignin. Lack of copper in plants can cause the destruction of blood vessels, preventing the transfer of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves and vice versa. Copper is actively involved in the metabolism of nitrogen (N) and sugars, interfering with the synthesis of nucleic acids. The complexes that are formed have high solubility and are completely biodegradable in the soil. Idai COBRE is non-phytotoxic to crops and does not inhibit their growth. It is immediately absorbable and fully assimilated in 6 hours.
1lt, 5lt


  • prevents and corrects copper (Cu) deficiencies.
  • is a product immediately assimilable with strong upward and downward action.
  • is a product completely biodegradable in the soil, is not phytotoxic, does not rinse with irrigation or rain water.
  • is suitable for use in all types of crops such as vegetables, citrus fruits, industrial plants, fruit trees, orchards and vineyards.
Dosage - Method of application
Foliar: 200 - 400 ml / 100 Lt of water.
Soil: 200 - 500 ml / 1000m2.
Idai COBRE presents very good synergies with all products of the Idai series and especially with Idai BROTAVERD®, Idai ALGAFER®, Idai BOOSTER® as well as with Naturdai MIMETIC, Naturdai CITRISEED, Naturdai S-SYSTEM®, Vegex KUNEKA PLUS® and the most common plant protection products. Always apply a pH higher than 6,5. Do not mix with oxides. Do not mix with oils, sulfur & copper oxychloride and general alkaline reaction products. With any other product containing copper, a 50% of the dose is recommended. Do not use on nuts such as peaches, nectarines, apricots or plums as it may cause foliage. It is always recommended to do a combination test.
1lt, 5lt