Monitoring is the key to a successfull implementation of an Integrated Pest and Desease Management (IPM) program. A comprehensive and specialized technical support & monitoring program should be based on the following principles:

 Monitoring of cultivation at regular intervals.

 Provide pest management advice based on observations and knowledge of pests and diseases, beneficial and other forms of integrated pest management.

 Knowledge of the development of enemies and diseases under various environmental conditions.

 Knowledge of the development of beneficial insects and behavior under various environmental conditions.

 Inspection of beneficial insects.

 Knowledge of plant protection products, their active ingredients, their side effects on beneficial organisms, their effectiveness under various conditions.

 Knowledge of cultivation practices that reduce the risk of developing enemies and diseases.

 Checking the effectiveness of control measures.

 Regular contacts with research stations, institutes and companies producing plant protection products and equipment.

 Updated info on new developments and legislation in the field of crop protection.

We in BIOTOPIO, support and implement all these principles which are a commitment for us but at the same time a way of working. Also, the experience, the technical training, the high know-how and the great specialization of our executives and associates but also our direct and daily contact with the agronomist and the producer to find the most appropriate and effective solution to the problem in the field. , with sincerity, responsibility and reliability, make us the most reliable partner for the successful implementation of a comprehensive program to deal with enemies and diseases (IPM).