The ever - increasing population of the land and the growing trend for optimal production of quantity and quality led the human resources of the agricultural sector to apply various technologies and practices in order to facilitate the exercise of agriculture.

Nutrients play specific roles in plant function and growth. Macronutrients are required by plants in larger quantities while micronutrients in relatively smaller quantities. However, all the nutrients are necessary for the growth of plants, while the lack of even one of them can be a limiting factor in their normal growth.

The need for greater tolerance to all kinds of stress, the facilitation of nutrient uptake and the improvement of soil structure have brought to the surface a number of products, known as biostimulants. Biostimulants play an active role in crops and are considered products with a global perspective.

Depending on the source of the raw materials, biostimulants can be categorized into:

  • Extracts of algae and plant parts

  • Humic and fulvic acids

  • Proteins and amino acid hydrolysis products

  • Vaccines (fungi, bacteria)

  • Biopolymers (Chitosan and others)

  • Inorganic compounds

Biostimulants are used to enhance plant defenses, improve soil structure and promote the growth and development of plant organisms. More specifically, it increases the intake of nutrients and facilitates their use by plants and thus enhances their tolerance to organic (fungi, bacteria, insects) and abiotic (drought, salinity, unfavorable temperatures, oxidative stress) stress. In addition, biostimulants are associated with the improvement of some physicochemical properties of the soil due to the development of microbial activity and the development of complementary microorganisms. Finally, the use of such products results in greater and higher quality production.

Biostimulants are used in a variety of crops. These crops include tree crops such as citrus, apple, olives and vineyards (winemaking and table) as well as agricultural crops such as cereals, rice, oilseed rape and sugar beet. Applications have also been reported in solan and cruciferous vegetables, in aromatic and floral items, and in many other crops.

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