The market's need for innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of sustainable cultivation and production is leading BIOTOPIO to continuous growth, providing solutions to agronomists and producers in different crops across the country.

Our mission is to be the most reliable partner in the field of natural pollination and integrated pest management and the most reliable supplier of innovative, effective and high quality nutrition and plant protection solutions.

Our vision is to offer solutions that lead to a sustainable production of agricultural products with added value that will cover even the most demanding customers, always based on values and behaviors governed by:

  • reliability - responsibility

  • honesty - trust

  • efficiency - immediacy

  • innovation - quality

  • development - sustainability

In order to achieve all the above, the main goal of our company, in addition to the sale - distribution of our products in excellent condition, is the technical support of our products and the support of the crops to which they are applied.

Additionally, the communication and contact with the leading research and educational institutions of the country as well as with research institutions enable us to be constantly informed and updated about the developments in the agricultural sector, helping our partners with the most reliable and safe solutions.

In all of the above, a key partner and ally for us is the nature with which we strive to be in harmony and balance.