Idai K - PLUS® is an extremely absorbable and assimilable potassium-based product with a high content of polycarboxylic acids (HPC Nanotechnology®). Idai K - PLUS® is specially designed for the direct prevention and correction of nutritional deficiencies caused by lack of potassium (K) in plants. Idai K - PLUS® has a very important role in osmoregulation, regulating the mechanism of opening and closing of stomata. It promotes the accumulation of sugars and starch and increases the sugar content of the fruit (brix). It circulates extremely well within the plant tissue, without forcing the plants to consume energy in the form of ATP even when they are under stress conditions. Thanks to its neutral pH, Idai K - PLUS® is particularly suitable for mixing with both acidic and alkaline products.

Idai ENGORDE is a fertilizer with phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) enriched with polysaccharides (mono-, di- and polysaccharides) that supplies the plant directly when its needs are increased in these elements. It promotes the accumulation of sugars and starch, increasing the sugar content of the fruit (brix). Idai ENGORDE ensures the enzymatic activation and the protein synthesis by increasing the turgency, especially helping to increase the weight and caliber of the fruit as well as the uniformity in color.

The combination of these two products in an application strategy:

prevents and corrects nutritional deficiencies caused by potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) lack in plants.

increases the caliber and weight of the fruit.

improves the color of the fruit and increases its sugar content.

improves the homogeneity of the fruits so that they have a greater commercial value.