What are Basic substances?

Basic substances are active substances, not predominantly used as plant protection products but which may be of value for plant protection and for which the economic interest in applying for approval may be limited.

These substances represent an alternative to products derived from synthetic chemicals. Its preventive use is part of a global mindset created for the development of sustainable agriculture.

Criteria for their approval are laid down and specific provisions are set to ensure that such active substances, as far as they do not have an immediate or delayed harmful effect on human and animal health nor an unacceptable effect on the environment, can be legally used in the EU after having been approved as "basic" under Regulation 1107/2009.

In order to facilitate their commercialization, since the Law on the Future of Agriculture of 2016 they are not subject to the Marketing Authorization (AMM). They can be freely traded as soon as the substances used in their composition are listed at European level (for basic substances) Substances that have been approved as basic substances are listed in Part C of the Annex to Regulation 540/2011 and included in the Pesticides Database. Substances for which the dossier has been considered valid, but the approval is still pending, are also included in this database.

A summary of the approved uses and conditions of approval, such as the purity and the preparation to be used, for a basic substance can be found in the Review Report for each substance. This report is uploaded on the page showing the details of that substance in the database.The rules governing the procedure of approval apply as set out in the following document: SANCO/10363/2012 rev.10 (Working document on the procedure for application of basic substances to be approved in compliance with Article 23 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009;)



In practice, basic substances

are not subject to a Marketing Authorization (AMM), but are subject to a simplified European approval procedure, for an unlimited period.

are not marketed as a phytosanitary product, although their inclusion in this registry may be of interest.

are approved for one or more specific uses: biofilms, bactericides, stimulators of natural defenses or physical barriers, physiological or pH correctors.

are areavailable for free sale without restrictions for phytosanitary uses. In professional agriculture, as a hobbyist, with or without Certiphyto (Individual Certificate of Phytopharmaceutical Products). The only requirement is that no solvent or chemical preservative be added. Currently 20 basic substances are authorized, of which 16 can be used in organic farming (UAB).