Because there is a big difference between application and assimilation



  Idai Nature’s exclusive development of HPC Nanotechnology® favours the creation of a totally new generation of nutritional compounds.

IDAI NATURE is using HPC Nanotechnology® to formulate a whole new generation of products based on a carefully studied and uniquely balanced combination of the hydroxypolycarboxylic acids associated with natural organic materials, as a complexing agent of macro and microelements, in order to achieve the total absorption of these elements in a passive manner, and without supposing energy costs (ATP) for the plant concerned, thereby achieving maximum efficiency with respect to crop nutrition. 

In this sense, the differentiation of Idai Nature products in the market lies in a complete and balanced formulation, made with high quality organic acids, selected and combined according to their type and carbons number. This technology offers the agricultural sector exclusive and differentiated formulations for its high quality and that are assimilated without input of energy (ATP) by the plant.

Passive absorption

Passive absorption without energy costs (ATP) on the part of the plant is the most advanced and innovative nutritional assimilation technology currently being applied in the market for liquid fertilisers designed for agricultural use. Its technical basis lies in Coulomb’s law, which states that there is a force of attraction between opposing electrostatic charges. The high degree of stability offered by HPC Nanotechnology® favours the capture of (H+), resulting in a carboxylate structure with a positive electrical charge (+). This allows the negatively charged receptors in the sap (OH-) to attract positive electrical charges, thereby triggering the absorption of elements by cation exchange. The effect of HPC Nanotechnology® increases the permeability of the membranes of plant cell walls to stimulate the entry of the surrounding elements present, without consuming energy and resulting in their immediate assimilation.

HPC Nanotechnology® is based on 3 principles  

1. Specification: polycarboxylic acids adapted to each element.

The ability of HPC Nanotechnology® to integrate each element with different di-, tri- and quadricepsic acids depending on the characteristics and the nature of the element results in maximum stability in each formula.

innorganic molecule                            organic molecule

2. Increased absorption and transport

Thanks to the formation of new organic molecules with polycarboxylic acids, which are perfectly compatible with the plant, the nutrients can be absorbed by the plant and through the leaves but also by the root. Within plant tissues, they facilitate the transfer of data from both the ascending and descending currents without energy expenditure by the plant.

3. Increased assimilation and efficiency

Thanks to the stability of these molecules, the structure of the soil is improved: the ability to exchange ions is increased, the flushing of nutrients is reduced and their blockage in the soil is avoided. In short, the assimilation of micro - and macro - elements is optimized and therefore its effectiveness.

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